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Forklift Operator

Reports to: Warehouse Supervisor

Hourly Rate:  $18.00 to $21.25

Essential Job Functions:

Perform job duties adhering to quality specifications, food safety, legality, and company policies.

  1. Operates forklift to move, load, unload, transfer, transport, stack or unstack palletized goods, boxes, crates, merchandise, materials and supplies from one location to another.
  2. Operates electric, diesel, or gasoline powered forklifts capable of lifting
  3.  To load, unload, stack, un-stack, warehouse, and move crates, boxes, packages, pallets and palletized materials or loose items. Operates indoors or outdoors in all weather conditions working in outside storage areas and confined shop spaces. Moves systems, shelters, system components, and generally over sized materials through narrow aisles. Operates palletized materials, bar stock, and other materials requiring special handling. Requires physical endurance to withstand the strain from vibration. May be required to lift and move items weighing up to 50 pounds. Works in inside and outside storage areas over rough and sometimes uneven or muddy terrain in all kinds of weather. Exposed to dust and dirt, and the possibility of injury from shifting loads, toppling stacks, and equipment accidents. Demonstrate ability to drive stand up forklifts. Labeling, pallet wrapping, rework of product, research of specific products, inventory control, damage control, and good safety record.
  4. Exercise care to avoid overloading or improper stacking or movement of supplies and materials; performs driver’s maintenance in accordance with established rules and regulations. Operates gasoline, battery, or gas-electric powered 3 or 4 wheeled tractors with up to 4 forward gears, towing loaded or unloaded dump cars, skids, or wheeled trailers. Couples and uncouples tractors and trailers automatically or manually under special circumstances. Exercises responsibility for; assuring security of Loads, to avoid trailer overloading, and to determine safe material loading. Picks up and delivers materials and equipment according to instructions and knowledge of storage and work sites, delivery and pickup points and their Locations. Performs driver’s maintenance, before, during, and after service on forklifts in accordance with established rules and regulations. Fills out daily equipment log. Exerts effort required to operate hand and foot controls which start, turn, and stop fork lifts and tractors, or which raise, lower, or tilt the load on the fork lift. When manually performing warehousing tasks, may lift and handle heavy items. Work also requires standing, bending, reaching. Work is performed inside warehouses, in bin rooms, in open storage areas and on receiving and shipping docks. The area may be cold, drafty, damp, or hot. Work is performed in close quarters in warehouses or bin aisles, ramps, platforms, etc. There is considerable possibility of injury from falling or dropping stock, of stacks toppling or Loads shifting because of improper Loading. Exposed to cuts, bruises, and lacerations from falling boxes, etc.

Minimum Education and Experience Required. Must follow written and verbal instructions. Use of handcarts, hand trucks, pallet jacks, and conveyors may also be required. Overtime is frequently available and in some areas becomes mandatory depending on workload. Scheduling of overtime remains somewhat flexible.

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